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Wednesday, 2016-04-06

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Here is my little press archive, memories from days gone by, which I would like to share with you, from the beginning of my career right up until today.
It is just a small selection which I will add to from time to time. The order is not quite chronological, but thematically sorted.
To enlarge please click on the articles and pics, once or if required twice.

          DIE WELT, Rolf Hochhuth, 17.1.1992                     TAGESSPIEGEL, Hellmut Kotschenreuther, 13.1.1992

BILD Berlin, BvS, 13.1.1992    WELT AM SONNTAG, Ingvelde Geleng, 19.1.1992 NEUE ZEIT, Hans-Jürgen Wesener, 13.1.1992

JUNGE WELT, Gaby Lehmann, 29.05.1989        BZ, Martina Kaden, 31.10.1994        TAGESSPIEGEL, Günther Grack,

MORGENPOST, Volker Oesterreich, 31.10.1994                 NEUES DEUTSCHLAND, Gerhard Ebert, 09.11.1994

                BERLINER KURIER, V. Gerth, 13.01.1992                 BZ, Bodo Kochanowski, 13.1.1992

                                HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT, Brigitte Ehrich,
                HAMBURGER MORGENPOST; Thorsten Weckherlin


                       BERLINER MORGENPOST,
                        Volker Oesterreich, 13.01.1992
                BERLINER MORGENPOST, Gisela Huwe,


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