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Wednesday, 2016-04-06

BĂ©atrice Bergner


  • 2017      iSFF Institut fĂĽr Schauspiel, Film- und Fernsehberufe,
    Casting Training national & international mit
    Uwe BĂĽnker, Jordan Beswick, David Stejskal
  • Since January 2017 ongoing - actor training course with Sigrid Andersson & Team at Tankstelle Berlin
  • 1985 -1989 Diploma and certification for stage performance (BĂĽhnenreife)
    • Drama School "Ernst Busch" Berlin
    • Subjects studied: Theatre theory and history, Improvisation, Acting for stage performance, Elocution and voice training, Dance, Acrobatics, Miming, Singing, Fencing.
  • 1985 A-Levels (Abitur) Erweiterte Oberschule "Käthe Kollwitz" Berlin
    • A-Level standard in various subjects inc. Arts, German, English, Russian, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sports.

Jobs here & abroad

  • 1989 -1999  Freelance actress
    • Theatre roles at:
      • The Berliner Ensemble Berlin
      • The Renaissance Theatre Berlin
      • The-Maxim Gorki-Theatre Berlin
      • VolksbĂĽhne  Berlin
      • The Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus (Hamburg)
      • more
    • Television roles with various German TV production companies
      • J.E.Entertainment/Endemol Cologne (Dutch Company)
      • Dubbing work into German for DEFA and TV
      • more
  • 2002 - 2007
    • English Teacher Southbourne & Anglo-European School of English, Bournemouth, UK
    • International Artistic Residence Co-ordinator, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London, UK
    • Community Learning Co-ordinator, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK
    • Customer Service Assistant at Marks & Spencer, Bournemouth
    • Bookseller at BORDERS bookstore, Bournemouth, UK
A true fellowship: The Fellows of the 2003 International Artistic Residence Programme FLTR Beatrice Bergner, Martin Kildare, Mark Rylance (Artistic director), Glynn MacDonald (Master of Movement), Stewart Pearce (Master of Voice), Christopher Hall, Michael Krek, Robyn Malcolm, Catherine McNally, Patricia Kerrigan (Master of Play), Patrick Garrow, Jonathan Hendry, Giles Block (Master of Play), Terry Burgler and Jason Benterman (Company Stage Manager) photo: private
  • 2008 - 2011
    • Temporary contracts with Architectural Digest (AD) at CondĂ© Nast GmbH (publishing company) and British Council, Berlin
  • SINCE 2012
    • Following my inner voice calling me back to the roots:  Berlin

Interests & Hobbies

  • Writing, Literature, Translating, Travelling, Music, Dancing, Pottery and Chess

IT skills

  • Windows 7 Ultimate; Windows XP Professional, MS Office 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) und Mac OS X, European Computer Driving Licence (IT-Qualification)

 Photo © August 2018

Work experience abroad

  • 1998 CPC (Cambridge Proficiency Certificate Oxford College of Further Education), Oxford, UK
  • 1999 -2001 Master of Arts Degree in Corporate Communication, Bournemouth University, UK
    • Subjects studied: Communication Management & Organisation, Public Affairs, International Public Relations, Marketing Communication, Corporate Strategy, New Media Environment, Research Principles and Practices.
    • Dissertation: Management As Performing Art
      • A qualitative investigation into whether theatre-based rehearsal techniques and practices can be used to enhance managerial communication skills. Involved workshop participation and interviews with director and management trainer Piers Ibbotson (Royal Shakespeare Company), management consultant Cliff Ettridge (Banner McBride) and managers.
  • 2001 Workshop in collaboration with Dr. Linda Hicks, management consultancy "Zest for Change"
    • Development and implementation of a workshop and training session for international management students and postgraduates at Leceister University. Utilizing three of Shakespeare's plays, the concept was based on "Shakespeare's ideas on leadership" as well as theatre improvisation exercises transferred and applied to business purposes; i.e. problem-solving, decision-making, team-building tasks.
  • 2002 TEFL CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching To Adults) ittc Bournemouth, UK
  • 2003 LCCI FTBE (Cambridge Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English) ittc Bournemouth, UK
An impression of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, where Beatrice worked in 2003 in her job as Co-ordinator for the International Artistic Residence Programme, photo courtesy of: © John Tramper


Abstract Contents Dissertation - Management As Performing Art

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