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Wednesday, 2016-04-06

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  • The campaign #weactunited was launched by casters anja dihrberg, simone bär und suse marquardt via #castupload to #encourage,
    #spread joy and a sense of # togetherness in corona-shaken times. Though i’m not a social media kind of person I felt so inspired by their passionate call, their own self-tapes and the overwhelming response of my colleagues that I felt the urge to contribute as well, to share something personal, something that gives me hope, comfort and consolation these days... Here it is, my #weactunited selftape to
    #spread courage - just one minute long and featured as about-me-clip.
  • December 2019: Just finished shooting "Germany's Great Clans - The Joop-Story" ; a story as gripping as a thriller!
    I play the part of Frau Friederitzky, director of the VEB Quintett Moden Glauchau in the former GDR in 1979.
    director: Saskia Weisheit, Casting: Annekathrin Heubner, production manager: Katrin Thomas.TV broadcasting on: 10th March 2020, 8.15pm, ZDF.
    Picture left with make-up artist Stefanie Dimitrow , in the centre the whole crew: THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! Marcus Schinkel,(front centre row) plays the part of Wolfgang Joop, director Saskia Weisheit to my right. On the right side with make-up artist Elisa Flehmer.
    The authentic look of the 70ies back then in the days of the former GDR created costume designer Lena Wolf.
  • November 2019: I gladly accepted the part of Mrs. Schulze in "Pain Threshold"(WT), the upcoming episode of the USEDOM-crime-tv-series. director: Maris Pfeiffer, Casting: Anja Dihrberg. I don't have an air-date yet but will post it here as soon as I know.
  • Behind the scenes: set-pics of THE BORDER
    with Anne Römeth (Eva), Anna Pfingsten (Laura), Ronald Unterberger (director) und Cornelia Werner (Nora), from left to right.
  • Lucky me! I've been cast in the movie "THE BORDER" by director Ronald Unterberger, who also wrote the script. We are shooting in Berlin from August to September 2019. The rehearsals have already started.
  • Once again I took part in the Self-Made-Shorties-Festival. This year's topic was "HAPPINESS." The participating actors were free to contribute their own ideas what happiness means to them. The only conditions given were: entirely self-made and no longer than 3 minutes sharp! Curious? Well, wait and see: On 28th June 2019 I will proudly present my 2019 self-made-shorty here ! Just click on the pic below:
  • 2019 Together with students from the Arts School Weissensee, I'm currently working on a project based on Ingmar Bergman's film
    "THE SERPENT'S EGG." The premiere is planned for June 2019.
  • Hey, I’ve got good news to share: I'm very much looking forward to collaborating with aspiring directors from the DFFB in November 2018! We'll discuss questions relating to scene dramaturgy before shooting the scenes and are going to eluate our work after. Being a strong believer in life-long learning, I love this approach!
  • When fortune knocks open the door they say, and so I did: I´m very happy to support the actors´ ensemble at the Monbijou-Theatre Berlin during the summer season this year! In Goethe´s play FAUST, the latest production directed by Maurici Farre´ ,I was lucky enough to get 5 parts: the culture secretary, the duchess of Monbijou, the student, the witch and Marthe Schwerdtlein! As each and every role is triple-cast, I play my roles alternating with Franziska Hayner and Carolin Ott.
    For further information regarding play, performance & cast, please click here:
    Please do come along and don‘t miss the show! You might be surprised to see that Germans do have a sense of humour after all : -) Last but not least, isn´t it great that all performances starting at 9pm will be supported by English subtitles?
    • Since January 2017  - ongoing: actor training seminars with Sigrid Andersson & Team at the Tankstelle Berlin (Tankstelle = petrol/gasoline station where actors can fill up their energy levels and train their skills)
    • From 27th February – 24th March 2017 I’ll take part in a professional training course for actors offered by the ISFF Berlin: Casting-Training: national & international
    • My little book of poetry with the title  "An einen Windflüchter" was published in September 2016 by the BS-Verlag Rostock (the so-called “Windflüchter” are beach trees which are twisted into bizarre shapes by the winds. I have no idea how to translate it.  If anyone knows, please let me know!) – Anyway, I was happy to have the chance to introduce it myself at the Ahrenshoop Book Fair early in Oktober last year. It has been a completely new and inspiring experience for me to get in touch with people through my own texts and to receive their spontaneous feedback has been so enriching.  Thank you so much!
    • If you are interested in a reading from my book or one of the staged readings as listed below, please do not hesitate to contact me!

On Love's Joy, Love's Sorrows & the Love of Life

A literary journey of discovery exploring the one sense-making theme which empowers us most throughout our lives and which makes our lives worth living: love...

This poetic, humorous but also thoughtful programme reflects on the theme of love in all its many forms and aspects, addressing not only the moments of blissful happiness but also the moments of conflicts and sadness.  It also includes the kind of love which survives loss and grief and continues to grow beyond death.

The actress BĂ©atrice Bergner has searched in the archives of love-literature and found testimonies, letters and poems of great men and women who tell us their stories about the loves of their lives: their dreams, their romantic yearning for each other, their passions and longings as well as their feelings of burning jealousy, disappointment and loneliness.

The literary journey of poems, prose and letters leads us from Shakespeare, Goethe, Gottfried Keller, Karoline von GĂĽnderrode and Heinrich Heine via Beethoven, Robert Schumann and Clara Wieck up until to Anton Chechov and Olga Knipper, Rainer Maria Rilke, Yoachim Ringelnatz, Christian Morgenstern and Kurt Tucholsky.  However, this programme also reveals in a humorous way how love letters have changed over the years and especially in the century of digital communication...  

The Berlin-based musician Anke Meyer accompanies the programme on the piano utilising music by Robert Schumann, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johann Sebastian Bach and traditional folksongs.

Beatrice Bergner
New photo Anke Meyer to be published shortly


An entertaining programme with literature & music presented by :

  • the actress BĂ©atrice Bergner (adaptation, script, interpretation)
  • the musician Anke Meyer (piano, selection of the pieces, interpretation)

length: approximately 75 minutes, one intervall

Download Flyer On Love's Joy, Love's Sorrows & The Love of Live


Flyer Download Programm

Jenny & Eleanor Marx – Two Women in the Shade of a Genius

Readings for Little Ones & Grown-Ups:

  • The Lady with the Dog by Anton Chekhov
  • The little Prince by Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry
  • The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde
  • The Christmas Goose Auguste by Frederic Wolf
  • A Devil named Fidibus by GĂĽnter Spang
  • Stories from Murkelei by Hans Fallada
  • Various tales by the Grimm Brothers for kids and grown-ups on demand