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Wednesday, 2016-04-06

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  • 2021 SOKO WISMAR, tv-series, episode: Lars sees red
    • director: Sascha Thiel
    • casting: Sabine Weimann
    • role: Ariane Pusch
    • production: CINECENTRUM BERLIN Film-& Fernsehproduktion GmbH
    • channel: ZDF
    • 2020 Fritzie - Heaven has got to wait, tv-series, episode 7
      • director: Neelesha Barthel
      • casting: Anja Dihrberg
      • role: Saskia
      • production: Polyphon
      • channel: ZDF
      • 2020 Tina Mobile (WT),tv- mini-series episode 6
        • director: Richard Huber
        • casting: Simone Bär
        • role: Elisabeth
        • production: X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH
        • channel: RBB
        • 2019 Germany's Great Clans - The Joop Story, docudrama
          • director: Saskia Weisheit
          • casting: Annekathrin Heubner
          • role: Frau Friederitzky, head of VEB Quintett-Moden Glauchau 1979
          • Produktion: Broadview TV GmbH
          • TV channel: ZDF
        • 2019 PAIN THRESHOLD (WT), episode of The USEDOM crime tv series
          • director: Maris Pfeiffer
          • casting: Anja Dihrberg
          • role: Frau Schulte
          • Production: Polyphon
          • TV channel: ARD
        • 2019 THE BORDER, feature film
          • director: Ronald Unterberger
          • role: Marion
        • 2019 SMS HAPPINESS
          • Self-Made-Shorty film festival
          • roles: Beatrice, solicitor, homeless street person
        • 2018 Mother's Son, DFFB
          • director: Max Kern
          • role: Mother
        • 2018 Long Night's Journey Into Day, DFFB
          • director: Paulo Menezes
          • role: Alicia
        • 2017  SMS Dreams
          • Self-Made-Shorty film festival
        • 2017 Battling in the kitchen (Showreel)
          • director: Christine Kabisch
          • role: Mother
        • 2015  The fourth force  NDR /arte
          • produced by CineCentrum Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
          • directed by Brigitte M. Bertele
          • role: consultant
        • 2011 Jobhunt, FFB
          • Double part: Heike / Heiko
          • directed by: Katrin Mehnert
        • 2008 There comes Kalle
          • produced by Network Movie Film-u Fernsehproduktion
          • episode: Werbestar Kalle
          • role: Nina
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 2007 Emergency Call - Hafenkante
          • role: secretary, episode: Borderliner
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 2005 Alphateam - Life Rescue (Alphateam - Lebenretter im OP)
          • role: Alice Klarbach Episode: Without A Trace
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 1999 Seagulls in the Wind
          • based on novel by Rosamunde Pilcher
          • role: Jane's friend
          • directed by Rolf von Sydow
        • 1997 Screenplay & Performance (Drehbuch & Inszenierung)
          • workshop with director Agnieszka Holland (Europe,Europe;Washington Square) and actors
          • coproduction by FOCAL Drehbuchforum Vienna and Filmstiftung NRW GmbH
          • (Filmscriptforum) (Filmfoundation NRW)
        • 1997 What A Circus!
          • tv-series produced by novafilmtv productions
          • role: Iris Jacobi, artiste (bareback-rider, tightrope-walker in all 12 episodes
        • 1996 Surgery in B├╝lowbogen (Praxis B├╝lowbogen)
          • tv-series produced by NFPtvBerlin
          • role: Christa Berger, Secretary in episode: Fahrerflucht (Hit and Run Driver)
          • directed by Karsten Wichniarz
        • 1996 Whatever happens, Stephanie (F├╝r alle F├Ąlle Stefanie)
          • tv-series produced by novafilmtv productions
          • role: Sylvie in episode: Geliebte Freundin (Dearly beloved friend)
          • directed by Richard Engel
        • 1995 Minor roles in radio drama and dubbing

        • 1994 The Police Station (Die Wache)
          • tv-series based on The Bill, produced by J.E.Entertainment/Endemol
          • role: Judith Arend, (37 episodes) Policewoman
          • directed by a number of BBC-directors such as Bob Blagden, Andrew Morgan et al
        • 1993 Harry & Sunny
          • directed by Dietrich Haugk
          • role: Thea
        • 1990 Police Calling "The Duel" (Polizeiruf "Das Duell")
          • produced by DFF
          • role: Young Woman
          • written and directed by Thomas Jacob
        • 1991 Agentur Herz (Heart's Agency)
          • 22 episodes, tv-series, produced by DFF
          • role: Elfie
          • directed by Ulrich Thein
        • 1990 Die letzte Nacht zum F├╝rchten (The last Night in Fear)
          • tv-play produced by DFF
          • role: Maria
          • written and directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 1990 The Shop on the Corner
          • children's programme, produced by DFF
          • role: Anna Br├Âmsel
          • directed by Renata Kaye
        • 1989 Hans Clodhopper (T├Âlpelhans)
          • tv-play based on a fairytale by H.Ch.Andersen
          • produced by DFF
          • role: Princess Tausendsch├Ân
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        The Circus family (FLTR) Iris's mother Raimonda (K Eickelbaum), director Moritz (W Plathe), artiste Iris (B Bergner), Moritz's wife (A Sevenich), and animal keepers (G.Blo├ęb & G. Olschewski)
        photo: ©courtesy of ZDF
        Keep calm and carry on: This was a real challenge to take - Iris swinging right up into heaven attached to a bike riding on a tightrope...
        photo: © courtesy of ZDF
        Beatrice Bergner and Andrej Jautze in The last Night in Fear, DFF 1990
Set pic SOKO WISMAR with fellow-actor Michael Ihnow
photo private

Ms Friederitzky, head of VEB Quintett Moden Glauchau
in the former GDR, 1979     photo: private

set-pic   THE BORDER

SMS GLüCK      homeless street person                  solicitor

As mother in mother's son, DFFB 2018

Alicia in Long Night's Journey Into Day, DFFB 2018

As Elfie in Heart's Agency, FLTR Ulrich Thein, J├╝rgen Reuter,
Beatrice Bergner & Harald Juhnke photo: private
Focussing on not falling down...
photo: ©courtesy of Manfred G├Â├činger
Putting the make-up on to turn Moritz (W. Plathe) into a clown
photo: ©courtesy of ZDF
Police woman Judith Arend in
Die Wache, (The Police station) photo: private
Looking for a job in IT, a typical men's domain, Heike turns into Heiko, photo: private
Patrolling the streets in Die Wache (The Police Station,a series based on The Bill), together with B. Finkh (left), photo private
On set with Norbert Stern (behind the camera) & Director Bob Blagden, photo: private
Princess Tausendschoen in Andersen's tale Hans Clodhopper with Thomas Schuch, 1989
DDR Fernsehen photo: private
Searching for a prince... as Anna Br├Âmsel (The shop on the Corner), photo: private
As artiste Iris in What A Circus!
photo private
As Iris in What A Circus!
photo: ©courtesy of Manfred G├Â├činger
As Iris practising tightrope-walking, which feels like teetering on the edges of an abyss... photo: private