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Wednesday, 2016-04-06

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  • 2021 SOKO WISMAR, tv-series, episode: Lars sees red
    • director: Sascha Thiel
    • casting: Sabine Weimann
    • role: Ariane Pusch
    • production: CINECENTRUM BERLIN Film-& Fernsehproduktion GmbH
    • channel: ZDF
    • 2020 Fritzie - Heaven has got to wait, tv-series, episode 7
      • director: Neelesha Barthel
      • casting: Anja Dihrberg
      • role: Saskia
      • production: Polyphon
      • channel: ZDF
      • 2020 Tina Mobile (WT),tv- mini-series episode 6
        • director: Richard Huber
        • casting: Simone Bär
        • role: Elisabeth
        • production: X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH
        • channel: RBB
        • 2019 Germany's Great Clans - The Joop Story, docudrama
          • director: Saskia Weisheit
          • casting: Annekathrin Heubner
          • role: Frau Friederitzky, head of VEB Quintett-Moden Glauchau 1979
          • Produktion: Broadview TV GmbH
          • TV channel: ZDF
        • 2019 PAIN THRESHOLD (WT), episode of The USEDOM crime tv series
          • director: Maris Pfeiffer
          • casting: Anja Dihrberg
          • role: Frau Schulte
          • Production: Polyphon
          • TV channel: ARD
        • 2019 THE BORDER, feature film
          • director: Ronald Unterberger
          • role: Marion
        • 2019 SMS HAPPINESS
          • Self-Made-Shorty film festival
          • roles: Beatrice, solicitor, homeless street person
        • 2018 Mother's Son, DFFB
          • director: Max Kern
          • role: Mother
        • 2018 Long Night's Journey Into Day, DFFB
          • director: Paulo Menezes
          • role: Alicia
        • 2017  SMS Dreams
          • Self-Made-Shorty film festival
        • 2017 Battling in the kitchen (Showreel)
          • director: Christine Kabisch
          • role: Mother
        • 2015  The fourth force  NDR /arte
          • produced by CineCentrum Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
          • directed by Brigitte M. Bertele
          • role: consultant
        • 2011 Jobhunt, FFB
          • Double part: Heike / Heiko
          • directed by: Katrin Mehnert
        • 2008 There comes Kalle
          • produced by Network Movie Film-u Fernsehproduktion
          • episode: Werbestar Kalle
          • role: Nina
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 2007 Emergency Call - Hafenkante
          • role: secretary, episode: Borderliner
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 2005 Alphateam - Life Rescue (Alphateam - Lebenretter im OP)
          • role: Alice Klarbach Episode: Without A Trace
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 1999 Seagulls in the Wind
          • based on novel by Rosamunde Pilcher
          • role: Jane's friend
          • directed by Rolf von Sydow
        • 1997 Screenplay & Performance (Drehbuch & Inszenierung)
          • workshop with director Agnieszka Holland (Europe,Europe;Washington Square) and actors
          • coproduction by FOCAL Drehbuchforum Vienna and Filmstiftung NRW GmbH
          • (Filmscriptforum) (Filmfoundation NRW)
        • 1997 What A Circus!
          • tv-series produced by novafilmtv productions
          • role: Iris Jacobi, artiste (bareback-rider, tightrope-walker in all 12 episodes
        • 1996 Surgery in B├╝lowbogen (Praxis B├╝lowbogen)
          • tv-series produced by NFPtvBerlin
          • role: Christa Berger, Secretary in episode: Fahrerflucht (Hit and Run Driver)
          • directed by Karsten Wichniarz
        • 1996 Whatever happens, Stephanie (F├╝r alle F├Ąlle Stefanie)
          • tv-series produced by novafilmtv productions
          • role: Sylvie in episode: Geliebte Freundin (Dearly beloved friend)
          • directed by Richard Engel
        • 1995 Minor roles in radio drama and dubbing

        • 1994 The Police Station (Die Wache)
          • tv-series based on The Bill, produced by J.E.Entertainment/Endemol
          • role: Judith Arend, (37 episodes) Policewoman
          • directed by a number of BBC-directors such as Bob Blagden, Andrew Morgan et al
        • 1993 Harry & Sunny
          • directed by Dietrich Haugk
          • role: Thea
        • 1990 Police Calling "The Duel" (Polizeiruf "Das Duell")
          • produced by DFF
          • role: Young Woman
          • written and directed by Thomas Jacob
        • 1991 Agentur Herz (Heart's Agency)
          • 22 episodes, tv-series, produced by DFF
          • role: Elfie
          • directed by Ulrich Thein
        • 1990 Die letzte Nacht zum F├╝rchten (The last Night in Fear)
          • tv-play produced by DFF
          • role: Maria
          • written and directed by Bodo Schwarz
        • 1990 The Shop on the Corner
          • children's programme, produced by DFF
          • role: Anna Br├Âmsel
          • directed by Renata Kaye
        • 1989 Hans Clodhopper (T├Âlpelhans)
          • tv-play based on a fairytale by H.Ch.Andersen
          • produced by DFF
          • role: Princess Tausendsch├Ân
          • directed by Bodo Schwarz
        The Circus family (FLTR) Iris's mother Raimonda (K Eickelbaum), director Moritz (W Plathe), artiste Iris (B Bergner), Moritz's wife (A Sevenich), and animal keepers (G.Blo├ęb & G. Olschewski)
        photo: ©courtesy of ZDF
        Keep calm and carry on: This was a real challenge to take - Iris swinging right up into heaven attached to a bike riding on a tightrope...
        photo: © courtesy of ZDF
        Beatrice Bergner and Andrej Jautze in The last Night in Fear, DFF 1990

Ms Friederitzky, head of VEB Quintett Moden Glauchau
in the former GDR, 1979     photo: private

TINA MOBILE with Gabriela Maria Schmeide, episode I'm still alive ©ARD

PAIN THRESHOLD (WT), episode of The USEDOM crime tv series , Mrs. Schulte

As mother in mother's son, DFFB 2018

Alicia in Long Night's Journey Into Day, DFFB 2018

As Elfie in Heart's Agency, FLTR Ulrich Thein, J├╝rgen Reuter,
Beatrice Bergner & Harald Juhnke photo: private
Focussing on not falling down...
photo: ©courtesy of Manfred G├Â├činger
Putting the make-up on to turn Moritz (W. Plathe) into a clown
photo: ©courtesy of ZDF
Police woman Judith Arend in
Die Wache, (The Police station) photo: private
Looking for a job in IT, a typical men's domain, Heike turns into Heiko, photo: private
Patrolling the streets in Die Wache (The Police Station,a series based on The Bill), together with B. Finkh (left), photo private
On set with Norbert Stern (behind the camera) & Director Bob Blagden, photo: private
Princess Tausendschoen in Andersen's tale Hans Clodhopper with Thomas Schuch, 1989
DDR Fernsehen photo: private
Searching for a prince... as Anna Br├Âmsel (The shop on the Corner), photo: private
As artiste Iris in What A Circus!
photo private
As Iris in What A Circus!
photo: ©courtesy of Manfred G├Â├činger
As Iris practising tightrope-walking, which feels like teetering on the edges of an abyss... photo: private